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    Mike Finney

    I am FinneyCanHelp aka Mike Finney. Feel free to say hi on Twitter aka https://twitter.com/finneycanhelp.
    My personal mission is to love, live, actualize, and help make paradise on earth.
    I co-created Octalysis Explorers on Facebook
    I’ve created software for over 10 years, iPhone apps for 5 years. Current projects: Outside of my day iPhone apps job, I lead a side pro bono (yet hackathon award winning) project for the company where we are creating a mobile Name / Face matching game called “Remember Me?” for iPhone and Android. Therefore, I am skilling up in Product Management in the Mobile space.
    I write about meditation related topics, iOS Development, and things related to the Swift programming language on my blog.

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    Jun Loayza

    Hey Mike, that’s great!

    I want to meditate every day, but I suck at it :P.

    I see that you have a lot of content here: http://www.finneycanhelp.com/category/brain/

    Is there one particular piece of content that you recommend that can help get me started?


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      Mike Finney

      Good question. It depends if you want to start alone without instruction or with instruction like through a mobile app.

      Alone Option:
      From Meditation Yields a Better Brain:

      Is it that easy for adults to get started meditating? Yes, one can practice the vipassana, a mindfulness meditation. As described in the Huffington Post article by Sam Harris, one can meditate by focusing on the breath, recognizing distractions, and reverting ones attention back to the breath.

      Mobile App/Web Options:
      If one has an iPhone and wants to learn though a mobile app, I recommend the 10% Happier app. I describe it in 10% Happier Meditation App Is 100% Satisfying.

      If one does not have an iPhone, Headspace is a good guided meditation experience too. I describe it in Meditating on Meditation Mobile Apps.

      Good luck as you explore this new journey. Please, let me know if I can be of any further help.

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    Mike Finney

    This exchange and to help a friend plus others, I wrote this blog: http://www.finneycanhelp.com/2016/10/anxiety-how-does-one-start-to-meditate/

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    Sabrina Bruehwiler

    I love your blog, It seems like your life is even busier than mine =P. Keep it up!

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