12 thoughts on “Life Field: Productivity”

  1. Hi Yu-Kai,

    Just some general feedback, since you mentioned you are still going to create some videos abroad (so I assumed they would also be filmed outdoors), in this video you constantly look around you instead of right into the camera which is distracting, and though it’s an awesome location the rocking of the boat and the adjusting of the light by your camera are also distracting.
    It might only be me but I just wanted to tell you 🙂

    1. That’s great feedback! Yes I’ve been trying to fix some of them.

      Sometimes it’s just people walking by me and I want to make sure I’m not in their way (or fall off a rock haha). But yes, I’ve been putting more effort on stability (invested in some gear there too) to hopefully create a better experience.

      I like how much you are an “Eye-Contact” person though 🙂

      1. Wish I’d known, would have put on some nice clothes :s. And maybe picked my nose a little less. I know … I have issues … oh! you can like confront me with evidence! And then teach me about habits ;).

        1. It’s ok. You are beautiful enough 🙂 Maybe you will start a trend on picking one’s nose in front of the camera!

  2. I agree Esther, for me the camera movement is a bit distracting. I think the idea of having different backgrounds stimulates curiosity, and it s a good idea, but I think maybe using a good tripod, with smooth movement, wold be a good idea, and would give you even more options.

    1. Maybe down the road we might make efforts to just cut out all the audio into a podcast series that is included in Octalysis Prime (and others pay extra for it). As of now, I don’t like being inconsistent of some having video, some having audio (and some already are on text…which I hope to change it to video at some point).

      Thanks for the suggestion though TAI!

      Prime On!

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