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A message from Yu-kai Chou:

Many of our members are individuals who are deeply motivated, passionate, and hungry to build and maintain a successful personal and professional life. Octalysis Prime (OP) is an educational investment like an online course or a local college, but with significantly less cost and with significantly more upside.

OP costs less than a cellphone bill or a gym membership, but comes with more value — in fact, my $100 Udemy course is included in the OP membership, and that’s just 1% of what OP offers.

In addition, I will host regular office hours to do custom consulting/workshop for OP members (my consulting rate is $400/hr and workshops run at $8000/day — actual corporate rates). As an individual paying $50/month, you’re getting an absolutely tremendous deal compared to my corporate clients.

I will work my life away to deliver max value to my audience since this is my final endgame.

Most members choose to invest in OP to take their lives to the next level. Many have told me that they have found higher paying jobs (or negotiated a higher salary), started a thriving business, became healthier, or improved their relationships/parenting because of my work.

Anyways, this is not a push for you to sign up. I understand that this is a difficult investment unless someone really BELIEVES in the value.

Game on!

Discover, unlock, and reach your full potential

Octalysis Prime Pre-Island is a Gamified Learning Journey that is proven to help you achieve your personal and professional goals.

We surpassed our Kickstarter goal by more than 300%

  • $51,529
  • 370 backers

We launched our Kickstarter to test the viability of our product. In just 3 short months after successfully funding our Kickstarter, we’re ready to open up Octalysis Prime Mastermind to the world!

What is Octalysis Prime Pre-Island?

OP Pre-Island is an educational community and learning platform where you will learn how to improve in 8 Life Fields.

  1. Happiness: Mastering positive psychology and gameful living.
  2. Productivity: No more procrastination. Getting things done is addictive!
  3. Education: Optimize learning and teaching.
  4. Career: Find your dream job. Negotiate a higher salary. Start a business.
  5. Relationships: Improve your marriage. Become a better parent. Maneuver office politics. Improve your dating life.
  6. Finance: Understand how to make smart financial decisions. Improve your spending and saving habits. Create a daily ritual of investments.
  7. Wellness: Become healthier and make exercise a habit. Stick to exercise programs and diets.
  8. Spirituality: Find calm, peace, and mindfulness to maneuver through the tough events in life.

How does OP Pre-Island work?


Learning materials are thoughtfully organized to optimize your growth. New materials are added weekly.


Meet other motivated individuals. Collaborate, share, and help each other solve your toughest challenges.


Ask your questions and get them answered directly by Yu-kai Chou. Expert answers are at your fingertips.

OPM is not for everyone. You will only succeed if you’re ready to make a change, to put in the hard work, and collaborate on your quest with others.

We are confident that if you make the commitment and put in the effort, then you will make drastic, life-changing improvements to your personal and professional life.

We look forward to you joining us on our quest to reach our full potential,

– Yu-kai Chou & Jun Loayza

Octalysis Prime Pre-Island is $50/month. Use the link below to signup.